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​The Role of Race and Ethnicity in College Admissions

As a rule, all college applications are reviewed without regard to race, gender, or ethnicity. Admissions officers look at the merits of your application. Your merits are reflected in the different parts of the application, such as standardized test scores, extracurriculars, and essay. That...


​Why an Academic Setback Does Not Have to Keep You Out of Your Dream School

Universities realize that some students are amazing even if they don’t have the best academic record. They realize that, if given the chance, the student might really do something awesome. Sometimes people have a run of bad luck or difficult circumstances, or mistakes are made that cause the...


How Important is GPA on Your College Application?

There are many factors that influence the decisions of college admissions officers. One of the biggest mistakes prospective students make is that they put too much emphasis in one or two areas of the application, but leave the rest in mediocre condition. One of the areas of the application that...


​Six Ways To Alter Your Social Media Presence To Impress Admissions Officers

Did you know that about 80% of college admissions offices use social media to investigate prospective students? A Kaplan Test Prep survey of college admissions officers discovered this to be true after some investigation. This does not necessarily say that admissions officers use information...


What a Successful Letter of Recommendation Looks Like

Students tend to think they have no control over their college Letters of Recommendation. They find classes in which they have performed well, and ask those teachers to write letters for them. The end. This little mistake costs many students admission into their Dream School! Here is a secret:...