Universities realize that some students are amazing even if they don’t have the best academic record. They realize that, if given the chance, the student might really do something awesome. Sometimes people have a run of bad luck or difficult circumstances, or mistakes are made that cause the student to fall off the academic deep end for a while. That’s the nature of life. Albert Einstein was expelled from school. Isaac Newton never did particularly well in school either. Nor did Winston Churchill.

Recognize also that it isn’t an act of generosity. If universities didn’t look outside of the box for some of their incoming students, their school would be too homogenously filled with valedictorians and class presidents. In order to have the intellectual diversity that creates a dynamic environment in the classrooms, where not everyone sees things from a similar perspective, they have to accept students that don’t fit the typical mold.

So maybe this is you. Something happened that left your GPA in bad shape. What you have to do to put yourself back in the running for your Dream School is show your awesomeness some other way. Here’s where to start. Chances are, if you are one of those people who, say, made a mistake that haunts you, you have a story to tell. You’ve turned it around enough to strive to get into a top college, so let them know what happened and what you learned. This is where you can shine. After all, you might be the next Einstein or Churchill.

BeatAdmissions takes pride in helping the underdogs get accepted into their Dream Schools. That’s how founder Tito Bohrt got into Duke University with a 3.1 GPA and 1850 on his SAT. It’s not a miracle. All you need is the right information. Check out the BeatAdmissions Dream School Academy for more information on how to tell your story so you are accepted exactly where you want to go.